The House System


Our House system has a long and proud tradition and is at the centre of school life. It helps students develop new skills, flourish with existing talents, and above all feel a sense of belonging to both our past and present school community.

All students, including in the 6th form, are allocated to one our six Houses and where students have a family connection to a particular House we always try to maintain this. Students complete in a vast range of competitive events over the year to earn points towards the Cock House Cup, which is awarded to the winning House in July. Friendly competition is at the heart of events, but the House system goes far beyond this and equal importance is placed on developing teamwork, empathy, leadership, and commitment.

We expect all students at the school to actively engage and take part in the House system and we ensure that there really is something for everyone in the events we organise.

Current House Points in the Cock House Cup


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Our 2023-24 House events programme for 2023-24 is coming very soon.

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