Student Support


Our SEND department is led by Mr Southcoat. We work with students to support their learning needs to enable them to be able to make progress. The team based in the Student Support Centre work with students individually, in  small groups and support some lessons.

If you have specific questions about the SEND provision in school please contact Mr Southcoat via email on  and one of our SSC team will be in touch

Meet the Student Support Centre team…

Mark Rayfield

Mr Southcoat

Head of Student Support Centre and SENCo

Mrs Reeves

Student Support Centre Officer

Mr Rayfield

Intervention Teacher

Mrs Wilkinson

Literacy Support

Ally Rawson
Aimee Manning
Vicky Yeoman

Mr Nivison

Teaching Assistant

Mr Rawson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Manning

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Yeoman

Teaching Assistant

Isaac Deacon
Laura Robertson
Josie Pegram

Mr Deacon

Teaching Assistant

Ms Robertson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Pegram

Teaching Assistant

To view a copy of the SEN Information Report 2022, please click on the link here.

Please click this link for further information on SEND and family support from Hertfordshire County Council

SEN Information


Click here for information on supporting students with Dyslexia and literacy difficulties at Richard Hale School.

Dyslexia Assessments

At Richard Hale School we do not carry out any diagnostic assessments (i.e we do no assess any student to see if they have dyslexia or not). If you would like to arrange a private dyslexia assessment for your child, we can recommend a local assessor.


Please can you let us know if you are planning to arrange a private diagnosis so that we can support you by passing on relevant information that we have about your child (Form 8 part 1 – see below)

The JCQ exam council states that privately commissioned assessment reports that have been ‘…carried out without prior consultation with the centre [school] and without the assessor having obtained Form 8 Part 1 [from the school SENCo] before the assessment cannot be used as evidence for access arrangements and cannot be used to process an application through Access Arrangements Online, such a report may contain useful information for the centre. (JCQ p78)

For touch typing practice, please click this link

Specific Learning Difficulties/Disabilities

Exam Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements for external exams are finalised when a student reaches KS4 (Y9-11) and then again in KS5 (Y12-13). This means the arrangements are in place for when the student sits GCSE or BTEC/A Level examinations. Prior to this, evidence is gathered in school to inform the application process, in line with JCQ regulations. Richard Hale recognises that students may have received arrangements at KS2, e.g. extra time. However, requirements for external exams at the end of KS4 and KS5 are much more stringent. Any arrangements from KS2 will be reviewed during KS3 as we recognise individual needs are very likely to change during this time.

If it is decided that a student requires an Access Arrangement, teachers will be asked to put this in place where possible and practical. It will not be possible for students to receive all Access Arrangements for all internal assessments. This does not mean that we are unable to evidence need when it comes to applications in KS4. We will endeavour to put appropriate arrangements in place for end of year or whole year group exams.

Local Support