Labour Market Information


What is LMI?

LMI refers to the data and trends which tell us about the current state of the jobs market. It signals which employment sectors are in growth or decline, regional and local differences, the changing nature of how qualified the workforce is, and salary differences.


How do we use LMI?

LMI is used to help inform our delivery of the careers programme, for example to ensure we provide factual, up to date information on job prospects. We also encourage students to engage with, particularly in the upper years, to start gaining a better picture of what the jobs market might look like in the future. Finally, we use LMI to highlight to students the considerable differences, both positive and negative, between different job roles and workplaces.


How can I access LMI?

There are many sources of LMI information, some of which are more accurate and unbiased than others. Some of the resources below provide a good starting point and an opportunity for both students and parents to access some of the materials we use within the school.