Report Issue Dates


At Richard Hale School, we recognise the important role parents play in their child’s education and are committed to communicating regular, accurate and useful information about students’ learning and progress with their parents.

Twice per academic year, we publish Progress Reports for every student (once per year for Years 11 and 13). These reports record students’ recent progress in each of their subjects, their attitude to learning and (where relevant) recent examination grades. Achievement data and attendance data is also included.

This academic year, Progress Reports will be available on the SIMS Parent App on the following dates:


Year 7

PR1 Friday 8th March 2024
PR2 Friday 12th July 2024


Year 8

PR1 Friday 17th November 2023
PR2 / Exam Report Friday 3rd May 2024


Year 9

PR1 Friday 22nd March 2024
PR2 Friday 5th July 2024


Year 10

PR1 Friday 24th November 2023
PR2 / Exam Report Friday 17th May 2024


Year 11

PR1 / Exam Report Friday 2nd February 2024


Year 12

PR1 Friday 1st March 2024
PR2 / Exam Report Friday 21st June 2024


Year 13

PR1 / Exam Report Thursday 20th November 2023


Mr D. Sykes (Assistant Headteacher)