Welcome to the Sixth Form


We are delighted that you are interested in our Sixth Form. Welcome to our information pages. The Sixth Form at Richard Hale School is a highly successful co-educational community of over 300 students that will allow you to build on your previous education in preparation for the next step in your life, whether this is university, an apprenticeship or employment. We are proud that 90% of our students who apply to university achieve their aim to study at their first choice of institution. More and more students are choosing alternative post-18 routes and you can read more about their fantastic achievements under the Destinations tab. Every year around 80% of our Year 11 students remain at Richard Hale for their post-16 studies. We welcome applications from students who have completed their GCSEs at a wide range of schools, mainly across Hertfordshire and north London. Our Sixth Form has a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, buzzing with energy – we share and support your aspirations. Students are encouraged to participate in opportunities to develop as individuals, academically and socially. Our academic framework offers a degree of freedom of choice, alongside increased responsibility to further develop as an independent learner. A Richard Hale Sixth-Former has access to:

  • A wide choice of post-16 subjects, including A Levels, BTECs and the EPQ, catering for a range of ability and interests
  • Equality of opportunity, irrespective of gender and where you took your GCSEs
  • Experienced specialist teachers to help you succeed at the highest level and achieve your aspirations
  • A high level of support and guidance from an established pastoral team, headed up by our Heads of Year and post-16 dedicated Welfare and Support Officer
  • A rigorous system of monitoring, allowing you and your parents/carers access to achievement and performance data at any time
  • A Sixth Form Centre with seminar and teaching rooms and indoor and outdoor private study areas where you will be supported in your independent learning by our Sixth Form Study Support Officers
  • A comprehensive careers programme, including specialist support for university, apprenticeship and employment applications
  • Dedicated support for applicants to Oxbridge, medical or veterinary science courses
  • Opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities, including extra-curricular sport, music and drama, and to develop leadership skills through Sports Leaders, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the House System and to support younger students in a range of subjects and situations
  • A school that recognises your needs and provides an environment where your voice is heard and valued.


We sincerely hope that you will join us to undertake your post-16 studies. We are proud of all that our Sixth Form students achieve and how they conduct themselves both at school and in the wider community. Our school values apply in the sixth form, just as they do in the lower school. We expect all sixth form students to:

Respect Others

Aim high

Show Commitment

We challenge all of our students to move out of their comfort zone so that, on completion of their post-16 studies, they will have developed a wide ranging skill-set that is vital for success in the modern world. We welcome students who are committed to achieving their personal best, those whose approach and motivation allows them to use their time well. Richard Hale is immensely proud of the traditions and values that are an integral part of the whole school. An example of this is that you will join the same House as any members of your family who were previously at the school. We look forward to seeing you join us to complete your post-16 studies and are confident that you will fulfil your potential whilst under our care.

Mrs Jane Beacom

Deputy Headteacher

Have a read of what the students have to say about life in sixth form…
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]Richard Hale Sixth Form focuses on your development and success. It provides a supportive network of staff members and peers for high achievement and thorough enjoyment of your chosen subjects.   [/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]The incredible support from teachers all over the school as well as the huge numbers of extra-curricular opportunities given to me have made me so glad I joined the school last September. I’ve made friends for life and always feel so welcome in the school community.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]Life at Richard Hale Sixth form is ideal for students looking to further their education at a school with a reliable support system, high-quality teaching and a real sense of independence. After just once year at this Sixth Form, my interest in the subjects I study has grown exponentially due to the learning environment here, curated by not only the teachers but my peers also, leading to invaluable experience in forming working relationships and also lifelong friendships.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]I chose to stay at Richard Hale in the Sixth Form because of the positive relationships I had already forged with my peers and with the staff and these relationships have been further enhanced in Year 12. The transition from GCSE to A Level was daunting but the subject teachers were supportive and enthusiastic and made it very straightforward. KS5 has continued to build on all my previous positive experiences at Richard Hale and the extra-curricular and super-curricular opportunities are excellent. Richard Hale offers a fantastic learning environment at A Level.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]Since joining Richard Hale, my teachers and peers have helped me to settle in at the start of the year. This school has challenged me in my subjects but in a good way as I am improving each week. Privilege passes are available at Richard Hale which allows for us to have a lot more freedom on and off school grounds. You will also have the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy your sixth form life with friendly people surrounding you as Richard Hale is a positive environment for everyone.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]Sixth Form at Richard Hale is not only challenging but also enjoyable as it gives you the opportunity to learn, in both lessons and study periods, and spend time with peers and friends, at break and lunchtime. Once you have earned your Privilege Pass, you can also leave school at lunch and go home if you don’t have a lesson after lunch – I think this system works very well for Y12 students. I decided to choose Richard Hale as my post-16 option as I believe it is the best school that is suited to me, as I have been at the school since Y7 and thoroughly enjoyed it.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]The Richard Hale Sixth Form has provided an excellent opportunity for me to develop independent skills. More student led learning, combined with time for independent study periods have allowed me to develop organisational skills, which has had a positive effect on my attitude towards exams. I chose to study here because I was attracted by the quality of teachers and support available and would encouraged people to seriously consider RHS Sixth Form.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.” caption_url=””]The excellent support that members of staff provide has allowed me to flourish during my time in Sixth Form and achieve goals I had never thought possible. The in-depth post-18 guidance has given me the confidence to pursue the subjects I love and clearly laid out the steps I need to take to succeed.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]Extremely welcoming school where everyone has a strong passion for learning, and teachers push all students to the best of their ability. For me I joined due to the unrivalled passion which Richard Hale have in their sports as this strongly related to me as a person and I believe I make 100% the correct decision to be a part of Richard Hale school.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]There are experienced teachers who have lots of ways to help us learn in the best ways possible. We are able to do homework effectively in the study room with the 6th Form team always pushing us.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]The way the Sixth Form works and is structured makes it easy to learn and gives you time to focus on your independent studying, which helps make sure you consolidate all of the learning you do in class.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]I am very happy with my decision to switch to Richard Hale for Sixth Form because it was an easy and smooth transition where I found myself very welcomed to the school. I find study periods really productive, mainly due to the fact they are overseen by a teacher, and I think the school offers loads of extra opportunities like senior student roles and setting up societies.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]It was reassuring to continue to study in an environment I had been used to for so long, which took lots of stress of the few starting months.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”#000000″ name=”.”]Sixth Form is great! The support from teachers and the Sixth Form team is really appreciated and life would be a real struggle without them.[/vc_testimonial]
[vc_testimonial style=”theme7″ nameclr=”#ffffff” profclr=”” name=”.”]Great learning environment with teachers pushing and challenging you to reach your full potential in every aspect.[/vc_testimonial]